How long in advance should I book my DJ?
Most reputable DJs are booked six months to one year in advance. Usually you would book your DJ right after you have booked your church or banquet facility.

What types of music will you play?
Spin Enterprise has an extensive selection of music consisting of Club Dance, Classic Rock, Country/Western, Oldies, Big Band, Motown, R & B, Rap, Disco, Hip-Hop, Ethnic and much more. We screen our music, so music with questionable content will not be played. We have everything from the 1940’s to today’s top 40, so there is something for all age groups. If you have a special request for a certain style of music, just let us know and we will make sure it will be played at your event.

Will you be willing to play requests? 
We love requests and more than happy to play them. We use good judgment skills in playing appropriate songs and when to play it.

Will our DJ act as an Emcee during our event?
Yes DJ can act as an Emcee during your event.  This is one of the services we offer that is key to the success of your function.  Your DJ will make all announcements and make sure that the night keeps on track according to your time line.

What type of attire does the DJ wear?
Spin Enterprise DJs wear upscale formal attire to all our events. Different attire is worn at the request of the client.

The event on the beach where there is no power available. Can you supply the music? 
Yes! Spin Enterprise has professional portable disc jockey equipment to make all your dreams become a reality anywhere.

Will you contact me prior to my event?
Prior to your wedding we can plan a conversation or meeting to review all the details of your event, including the proper pronunciation for the introductions, ceremonies, and specialty dances, etc. We will also review your music selections and make any changes necessary. Voice overs will be recorded and you will be able to meet with your DJ if desired.  We are always accessible, and you should not hesitate to call if you have any questions or concerns.

What is the booking process?
We hope you’ll want to book Spin Enterprise for your event. Give us a call to see if we are available on your date.  An agreement will be mailed to you, with deposit request. You may pay by check or money order. Upon receipt of the signed agreement and your deposit, we will reserve your date and time and send you a confirmation letter. Final payment is due on the day of the event. Please make checks payable to Spin Enterprise.

How many years experience do you have?
Spin Enterprise has been in business for more than 25 years.

What methods of payment do you accept? 
Cash; Money Order; Bank Check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex

May we call your references? 
Yes, Spin Enterprise does have a list of satisfied clients that you may call. Available upon request.

How much time do you allow for set-up? 
Arrival time is at least one-two hours prior to the start time that you have originally scheduled. Ideally, everything will be in place 20-30 minutes prior to your guest arriving.

Can overtime be charged by the 1/2 hour instead of the hour?
Yes, overtime can be charged on a 1/2-hour basis.  It's 11 o'clock and you're having fun but you're not quite sure whether or not you'll be able to dance 'til midnight, we can always charge it by the 1/2-hour.

Is it customary to tip my DJ?
This is one of those questions that you want to ask, but are afraid to.  A tip is something that someone gives for good service, whether it is at a restaurant, barbershop, or wedding reception.  A tip should never be expected. 

How late will you play?
We'll play until the agreed upon time, unless asked to stay longer, or to the venue limit.  Keep in mind that many facilities have time limits that they will allow for events.  Clearing this up ahead of time will ensure that there are no unexpected surprises or disappointments on the night of the event.

How many people does the DJ bring with him?
When you book with Spin Enterprise to do a wedding reception,  you will get one DJ. 

Is there a fee for travel or setup/take-down time?
We do not charge a travel fee unless the event is significantly outside of the Southern New England area.  Setup and take-down time are included in our services; you are not charged for this time. 

Should I reserve a space for the DJ at a table for dinner?        
Another common question.  It is not uncommon for the DJ to eat at the reception.  This is because most of the time, your DJ is working at times that are usually dinner hours for most people.  Starting at 4:00 (or earlier) in the afternoon and working until midnight is difficult without having a meal in there somewhere.  However, if it's a $100 per plate dinner and you'd like for the DJ to make for other arrangements for dinner, don’t hesitate to let us know.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to call us!